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 TESTIMONIES from Clients!  

Verbal message 4/11/09

Love that new website.., its outrageous, cool and really pops! Thanks for the good work!
Sam T. / Owner

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Subject: Re: Your new website
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 23:36:36 EST
From: Dankernstoyota@aol.com
To: webmaster@bciwire.com

Re: www.Hotplaces.com/dankerns

Hi Don. That is a great webpage..... and cheap too!
Thank you.
-Dan Dankern


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Subject: Re: Confirmation needed for changes
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008 14:12:16 -0700
From: JR Wikane <JR>
To: webmaster@bciwire.com

Re: www.BidRiteRealty.com

Don all sounds & looks good !!!   Thank you for all your hard work and thank [the Techs] ..... I do love the site and cant wait to get some agents signed up soon.
JR Wikane


From: <M. O'Brian>
To: "Donald Leske" <webmaster@ bciwire.com>
Subject: Re: slight correction  :-)
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2005 12:31:12 -0800
  (webmaster note: this site has been redone over the years and is today not the same as when I built it originally.)

Hi Don,
Just a note to tell you that I still LOVE my website but things have gotten out of hand. 
Remember the day that lady was here to interview me?  Well,  the caca hit the fan
and the story was picked up by Scripps-Howard newspapers and now, I'm getting
email from everywhere but North Dakota.  I would like to make some additions to my treasured website so, can we talk?  I will get all my ducks in line with more pics and freshen it up.  I've had so many compliments on how wonderful it is that, I've had all I can do to not tell them that I designed it myself.  I would like to freshen it up every couple of months.  My plan is to not delete pictures and items but just keep adding to it.  If I sound like a happy customer then you are correct sir!
Michael James Anthony O'Brien www.theradionut.net

-------------------- Plus, another from same client:

* TheRadioNut - www.theradionut.net
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2004 19:46:52 -0800
From: <theradionut @charter.net>
To: "Donald Leske" <webmaster @bciwire.com>

 "Well Done Donald" (your new name)     theradionut.net
To be honest, I thought we'd be doing this project for the next few weeks.  I had no idea that anyone could put it together so seamlessly in such an expeditious manner but, you took the bull by the horn, bent it over, and drilled it home.  I am amazed and pleased and satisfied beyond belief. 
The last piece will be a write-up about myself to put in the, "about me" section.  I'd like to take a couple of days to put it together.  I will have it ready no later than Friday and will email it to you.  I want it to be clear and succinct without being self serving.  I do have a good background in broadcasting that I feel will legitimize my "Radionuttiness".
Till then,
MOB   [Michael O'Brien]


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From: Gregg Taylor
To: Donald Leske
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2003 11:00 AM
Subject: Re: results.... Good News!
I appreciate your level of service.  I think the changes you made on the websites are just what I wanted.  When I am wondering how we are doing, should I be monitoring visits?  ..... www.go2pcsi.com is working!


From: "Richard Rollf"
To: "Donald Leske" / Webmaster
Subject: RE: update
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 23:07:00 -0700
(webmaster note: this site has been redone over the years and is today not the same as when I built it originally.)

Hi Don,

It has been another busy day for us running all over creation and several phone calls about the 
great website. Wow the site looks fantastic. You are amazing.......The order page looks good
and is very easy to understand. It's cool because you can see the items and click and paste
the item #...This is really coming along great and I will definitely inform everyone bciwire.com
is doing this for me....The colors are fine for now..... This is soooo cool and we are very excited
about it. I can't thank you enough,
All the best for you and Emily,

----- Original Message -----
From: "Mark Gant"
To: <webmaster Don Leske II>
Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2002 3:03 PM
Subject: Mark Gant
Re: NoBullHomeSales - Real Estate

> Don,
> You're AWSOME!! The site looks great. I will go through it in detail and let you know if I see anything else.
> Thanx again,
> Mark Gant

* EVERGREEN STATE HOMES, 1-12-2000  ~ email on file
"...."It's working! Several home sales have occurred due to our new Website and the special marketing
that you put into it...,  and we have several more applications in process at this time. Thanks for all you
have done for us!"  

 Emily & Staff 


July 3, 1999 ~ eMail on file
We are excited! The commercial Website you built for us has exceeded our expectations. Due to the
great response that our Website has received in the past 90 days we have had to hire a new person to
just collect the E-mail and process all the Loan Applications that have been flowing in. Its just the most extraordinary thing we have ever seen. I don't know what your secret is, but keep it up!

The WSM Staff  See entire letter online.

FIDELITY CONTRACT SERVICES, 10-11-1999 ~ Phone conversation.
"...you have certainly gone out of your way to provide extra marketing advice and assistance during
this past year. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to getting those SPLASH pages up
and going that we talked about....."

Wes P. 
 (See the Website at, www.go2fcs.com)


* RAINIER METAL CRAFTSMEN, 12-4-1998  ~ phone conversation
"...people have actually started to call me for jobs, orders and products already....and I don't even own a computer! Now that has got to be a first!!! Thank you for recommending a webpage, as an advertising medium. We were really looking for a way to advertise affordably Nationwide, this is it!" .... Master Jack Davis - Rainier Metal Craftsmen - MLK Way, Tacoma.

* Windermere Real Estate, Feb. 27th, 1997  ~  Letter on file
Dear Don,
I wanted to share with you the dramatic results of ... [internet marketing]. In December, not one of the
better months of the year for the real estate market, I advertised two of my listings [with you]. One of
the properties had been on the market for six months with little to no activity. The other property was
a new listing. Within a week of their debut on the internet.....both properties were sold. I am a total
believer in the awesome power of the internet."   (This letter is available for faxing upon request.)

Bob Johnston
Associate Broker/Assistant Manager Bellevue, Wa. 

OAKTREE FINANCIAL, June 26th, 1997  ~ Letter on file - "Good news! We have generated at least
5 times the cost of our Web page in the first month!!! Nothing else we've ever tried matches that! Not
direct mail, TV, radio or newspaper advertising. Nothing! Internet marketing is not the marketing wave
of the future, it's now....with a capitol "N". Any business owner who doesn't get involved with marketing his products or business via the Internet is missing a huge opportunity to reach thousands of people at a cost that can't be duplicated with any other media. How can I say that with such conviction? Easy..... Results!" 

Oaktree Financial 
 (See a photo of the letter, via Internet Link, long down load time, also available for faxing on request.)

Note: More testimonies are available on request, however please note that most clients will
enjoy success with their website but will refuse to offer an official letter of testimony. One auto
dealer even told me that he didn't want his competition to know how successful he has been
with the website when I asked if I could get some testimony about his website success.
Other clients just do not take the time and I don't bug them about it either.

Summary: Please feel free to call us at any time for a consultation in your office, if you are local to our area.... or by phone or email otherwise. Today, just about any High School kid can build a website, or so it would seem. We have kept up with all the latest techniques, standards and upgrades as they became available and have developed certain techniques and strategies that will not be found elsewhere when put together as a package. The most important thing to consider, in my humble opinion, is RESULTS. I have spend the last 4 years working on strategies to bring more clients and visitors to my customers websites....., that is a job in itself and requires much more than most webmasters are prepared to deal with and more than most customers are fully aware of. Believe me, looks are not everything... results are! Some of my software programs are very aggressive and are not available to anyone else, my software engineer and I have complete proprietary rights to special marketing software that we do not share, but use for our customers only. Hope to hear from you soon, and have a Great Day!

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Website reviews/testimonies from 1997 to date.
  "Its not always "flash & show" or... hot looks that creates the most traffic or hits to a website.
Its the strategy and planning of how a website looks.., and how well it can be found when searched for!"

Best Regards, Donald J. Leske Sr.

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