Here is a reprint of a letter to Joe Paffile who works with me. Webadex was a program where a customer could buy a package Website for $4,500.00 but we now custom bid most Websites now.

Donald J. Leske II / Webmaster

"Good news! We have generated at least 5 times the cost of our Web page in the first month!!! Nothing else we've ever tried matches that! Not direct mail, TV, radio or newspaper advertising. Nothing!

Internet marketing is not the marketing wave of the future, it's now....with a capitol "N". Any business owner who doesn't get involved with marketing his products or business via the Internet is missing a huge opportunity to reach thousands of people at a cost that can't be duplicated with any other media. How can I say that with such conviction? Easy. Results!"

Webadex has put money in our pocket. Thanks for signing me up.

Robert S. Morgan, CLU, CHFC

PS.  As of today we are 6 times the cost!!!