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January 24th, 2010


Web Designer Claims: Integration of Electronic Marketing Tools & Web Presence is Key to capturing and keeping customers

Entrepreneurs who are looking to increase the success of their business are employing the use of technology to keep their finger on the pulse of their consumers. Findings gleaned from an interview with Don Leske, owner of BCI Wire (Business Consultants International) a Web Design company out of Tacoma, Washington, support the use of electronic marketing tools as a way to increase competitive advantage in business. According to Don, his experiences in integrating electronic marketing tools into company systems has only resulted in SUCCESS.

“I’ve used everything from simple JAVA/PERL scripts to power e-forms, to using software such as Shopping Carts…that integrate the end users own Bank Account processing SSL scripts. I’ve sub-contracted with a Sys/Admin Tech to build a PHP/ASP driven data base for managements of large inventory…and a robust Real Estate Auction data base” says Don.

One example of his success involves the use of online advertising verses traditional phone book ads. “I used to pay our local DEX phone book people $860 per month for a quarter page ad in the Yellow Pages” Don said. “But we tracked our calls and found that 98% of our business is now from our online advertising. You have to work smarter….not harder.”

Three suggestions Don gives to judge success or failure are: 1. Track all customer contact over a year. 2. Look at similar companies and what they have done. Take a survey.  3. Find a good tracking system that will show you full tracking of real traffic and where it’s coming from, not just the old ‘hit counter’.

Don has been a webmaster since 1994 building script and developing code. More than 10 years ago he established BCI Wire to design and host websites as well as provide consultation. Each client he hosts receives his Webalizer Program, which provides full data tracking of real traffic to their websites, complete with color pie charts.

If you’d like more information about this topic please call Don Leske at 253-241-6695 or 253-531-1010, email Don using his Contact form online at www.bciwire.com.
Written by:
Naomi Murray
Internet Web Analytics
Consultant & Editor  


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